Direction to Shiryudoh

We were moved to new location since October 2015
The nearest station is Touritaudaigaku Station, Toyoko Line, one station away from our old Jiyugaoka studio.
Toyoko Line connects Shibuya and Yokohama, very convenient.
However, express does not stop at Toritsudaigaku station, please use the local train.
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There’s only one gate of the station. Please across the street and turn left, till you see the”Meguro Street” (Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Bank is right at the corner).
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Turn right again at the intersection then walk down Meguro street about 100m, go straight. “Jonathan”,”串カツ田中”, “BMW”,and “MINI” will on your left side.
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Turn left to the narrow slope as Footbridge ahead you.

You will see the second bridge name ” 東三谷橋 “on your right side once climb on top of the slope.
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Turn left at the opposite side of this bridge. Walk along 5m and immediately turn right at the first corner!
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Go straight for 30m, and you will see ShiryuDoh on your left.

Here you are, Press the door ring of Quart House – Room C. P.S. Since ShiryuDoh is a private studio, we don’t accept sudden appointment. Also, we have season vacation, please contact in advance when you are going to visit us!
Sincerely looking forwards to your coming.