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Shiryudoh began with Ron’s wanderings around Asia, which he decided to do after studying archeology. Working as an archeologist, he became interested in the historic ruins and people of those countries.
From there he traveled around Europe, the Middle East, Africa, America, and other parts of Asia before ending up in Indonesia and Bali. This was where he discovered tattoos.

Before then he had seen and copied the styles of countless Buddhist temple reliefs and earthenware patterns found during his archeological studies. So, how about creating a new way to express Asian culture using the skill of tattooing? That thought was the first step toward the Shiryudoh studio.

Not all-genre, and not using other peoples’ styles, but giving a different interpretation to Japan and Asia’s long history, and expressing it. That will always be our theme at Shiryudoh.

Also, we do not do large designs or designs that take up most of the body.
While large designs have value, we try to make small designs with the same amount of value.
For one person, there might be cost involved in getting something that will cover your entire body, but at the same time there is probably a lot of value in it. On the other hand, one small design can have ease, low cost, and value. We believe there are also many people who have this view.

And because we feel that it’s best to have the right number of designs in the right place, we don’t prefer large amounts of tattoos. We prefer to place a lot of value on one design, and have the quality of the finished product be of the highest level.

A tattoo is something your body wears at the deepest level.
It is not something that can be easily changed.

We would like to create something great for each and every person who comes to Shiryudoh.