ENGLISH料金 -Price-


・ミニマムプライス ¥8400~ (施術代のみ)


1.既存(施術代のみ) ¥8,400~
2.スタジオ既存(施術代のみ) ¥8,400~
3.スタジオのオリジナルデザイン 既存(デザイン料金+施術代) ¥10,500~
4.イージーオーダー(打ち合わせの時間+デザイン作成時間+施術時間) ¥32,000~
5.セミオーダー(打ち合わせの時間+デザイン作成時間+施術時間) ¥32,000~
6.フルオーダー(打ち合わせの回数+デザイン作成時間+施術時間) ¥32,000~


  • Minimum Price ¥8400~ (For the procedure only)
  • Minimum Price for a new design ¥32000~
    (Counseling+Creating the design+procedure)
    * The price could be lower for a very small, simple design
  • Average Price ¥35000-¥70000

  • [For Ron’s tattoo]

  • The minimum price for Ron’s design and tattoo is 32,000 yen.
  • For a piece around 7cm x 7cm, please expect around 50,000 yen.
  • Ron cannot do sleeves.
  • Ron does not do only designs; the designs are only to be tattooed by himself.
  • For the size of a post card or bigger, after email-or-otherwise communication, please trust and leave the design entirely to Ron. Minor change according to your feedback may or may not happen to a certain extent, but please be reminded that alteration in design will be extra charge.
  • For intricate designs such as Kuno style, alteration in the details is not possible once the design is done, regardless of the size.
  • Ron does not do big tattoos, but if at all, for pieces above 15cm, please expect at least 100,000 yen. This is because from our experiences, we have learned that bigger designs tend to consume a lot more energy in the process than smaller pieces, and we cannot simply calculate from the size.
  • Pricing cannot be generalized and hard to be stated without seeing the actual design, but for your reference, we have many 6-70,000 yen pieces.

  • (26th August 2016)
    As some of you have already been informed, our main artist Ron was carried into the hospital on Monday night. He has started to work again from today, but he is still recovering, and needs observation.

    It was due to the recent overwork that has made him so weak, and accordingly we have decided to explicate the general rules and policy to avoid unnecessary complications in the communication.

    Ron’s strength has always been small pieces, and has always had strong belief in the value of smaller tattoos. However, over the years, there have been many requests from lovers of his work to do bigger works, and over time the amount of such big works have only increased.

    Ron has always enjoyed meeting and communicating with his customers from all over the globe, and wished to respond to requests out of good will and love, as much as possible.

    Yet it has come to a point that too much energy was taken up by the big tattoos, and together with the lack of staff, along with the miscommunication cause by it, in addition to the stress from the current situation of tattoos in Japan, his normally inexhaustible source of energy finally dried out in the beginning of this week.

    Now he is coming back to work, but we need to build a system that would not drive him to extreme exhaustion again. Setting the price structure more clearly than it was before is one such attempt.

    We request you, lovers of Ron’s work, for understanding the situation and supporting his way of working.

    Thanking you always for your support,